Safe and fun email and messaging for kids: intuitive design, drawing board, audio, video, text messaging, effective parental controls
The best drawing and photo editing app for kids on Android and Amazon Kindle. See how it works for yourself
Tocomail for Gmail
Your kid has Gmail account? You worry about who is writing to your child? We have a solution for you to control it with Safe list of contacts. Check it out!
Who we are
We create fun communication and creativity apps for kids. Our flagship product is Tocomail which is the safest and simplest email service that offers parents complete control while providing a real and educational email experience for their children.

Our story
Its all started when Michael – son of one of our founders – who was then 7 years old, came to his father and asked for his very own e-mail account. His father agreed that everyone needs an email, but he wanted it to be safe, have mobile app and be intuitive and fun to use. After a lot of research, we realized that there was nothing out there that satisfied all of these requirements, so we decided to create Tocomail!
We are a great team of email wizards, dads, moms and kids.
Being an overprotective dad myself I am passionate about online child safety. We created Tocobox to give kids means to navigate the Internet in a fun and safe way.
Dennis Bolgov - CEO and co-founder
We include kids in the design process from the start so our apps built from the ground up based upon their feedback. We designed Tocomail, Pixicle and HipMug with many creative tools that all kids will love.
Pavel Istomin - COO and co-founder
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